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What are the Symptoms and Causes of Incontinence of Urine?

The urine system is made up of parts such as the bladder, kidney as well as urethra. There are several jobs of these body parts such as filtering the waste from the food, storing them, and finally removing the waste out of the human body. The waste product such as urine is created by the kidneys. The bladder is the storage tank for the waste and the urethra is from where it gets out. It is very important for this system to perform smoothly. The sensation makes you go to the bathroom on time while preventing leakage. If you are experiencing the leakage indicating some issue in the operation of these parts. They might be many reasons for the incontinence of urine cause which we will discuss further. There are popular options for many individuals that incontinence of urine can occur due to aging. It is true to some extent but there is a treatment that will help to cure the conditions through both medicine and surgery.

Types of Incontinence of Urine

  • Stress Inconsistence

incontinence of urine can occur when an individual tends to exert a lot of pressure on the bladder while sneezing, coughing, lifting heavy items, and exercising.

  • Urge Incontinence

If there is an intense urge to urinate which is followed by the loss of urine. There might also be an often need to urinate at night causing incontinence of urine. Even a minor condition can be a lot of bother for an individual and further increase the chances of getting bacteria, neurological disorder, or diabetically affect the body.

  • Overflow Incontinence

If an individual experiences dribbling of urine constantly due to the defect in the bladder as it does not empty completely.

  • Functional Incontinence

Sometimes Mental as well as physical impairments can stop an individual to reach the toilet at the time. Severe arthritis can also prevent the individual to unbutton the pants quickly causing a lot of issues.

  • Mixed Incontinence

If an individual faces more than one type of incontinence of urine which can be caused due to the combination of the urge inconsistence and stress at the same time.

We have discussed above the detailed information about the incontinence of urine as well as their types. Now, let’s talk about some major symptoms that are indications of this issue

Some of the major incontinence of urine symptoms can be due to a lot of causes. If an individual faces constant dripping of urine or even occasional problems can be signs of incontinence of urine. Not only are many leaks in urine, but even a small amount can also be symptoms of this issue.

One might leak urine while performing activities such as

  • Cough
  • Exercise
  • Sneeze
  • Laugh
  • Constant

If an individual faces a constant urge of going to the toilet is itself a big issue. We would recommend that people get it checked by a urologist.

Now, we will talk about some of the causes of a person having incontinence of urine. It varies according to gender. For some individuals, incontinence of urine can be due to severe health conditions and it will go away as soon as they get it checked and recover. This is a long-term chronic disease that will be a deal of great difficulty.

Causes of incontinence of urine

If we look at the temporary or short period to cause incontinence of urine, then listed below are some issues that can create this problem for a short while

  • UTI (Urinary tract infection)

    UTIs are infections inside the bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra also known as the urinary tract which can be the cause of severe pain as well as subsequently increases the urge to pee more than usual. After the treatment, the incontinence of urine goes away through proper medication.

  • Pregnancy

During the months of pregnancy, it puts extra pressure on the bladder which tends to expand. There are several women who face incontinence of urine while laughing or sneezing for weeks but go away after the baby is born.

  • Medicines

Certain beverages have side effects which cause incontinence of urine. Medicines such as anti-depressants, diuretics, etc.

  • Beverages

Liquids such as alcohol and coffee can often make individuals urinate frequently and usually due to frequent consumption.

Some of the causes that can create long term incontinence of urine

  • Pelvic floor disorders

If an individual is facing some issue in their pelvic floor muscles, it can severely impact the organ function which includes the bladder causing more frequent visits to the toilet and unwanted urine leaks.

  • Stroke

A stroke is one that is experienced when there is a witnessed issue in muscle control. It does not let a person control their urine causing them incontinence of urine.

  • Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes will subsequently produce more urine than normal people which can further increase the chances of getting more frequent urine leaks.

  • Menopause

It is one of the major changes in the boy that women must go through after touching their 40s. Since the hormone level changes constantly, leaving the pelvic floor muscles to get weaker and obtain incontinence of urine.

  • After prostate cancer surgery

After getting prostate cancer surgery, the sphincter muscles can be subsequently damaged which can lead to incontinence of urine.


We have talked about the incontinence of urine, their symptoms for the readers to check if they are facing any of those, and finally the common short-term and long-term causes. After reading the article, you would understand the severity of incontinence of urine and how essential it is to get in checked on time to prevent more severe consequences. If in case you are having the symptoms mentioned above, we would commend you to visit one of the best urologists Dr. Dushyant Pawar. He is one of the best doctors who has more than 5 years of experience in providing treatment for kidney and urology problems.

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