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Difficulty in Urine


Urination Problems Treatment

It’s a typical condition to have trouble passing urine. It can be brought on by problems with the kidneys, bladder, or prostate gland (in men). Neurological or muscular problems that influence bladder function can cause difficulties urinating in both men and women. Urinary retention, or decreased urination, can develop because of an inability to pee, which can be harmful. Urinary hesitancy or difficulty urinating can affect men and women of any age, although it is more frequent among the elderly.

Difficulty in urination can be caused due to several following reasons-

  • Infections like prostatitis
  • Nerve damage
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney or bladder stones
  • Bladder, kidney, or urethra surgery
  • Psychological issues


The following treatment can cure your problem of difficulty in urinating-

  • Antibiotics are used to treat bladder infections.
  • Medications that aid with enlargement of the prostate.
  • Bladder surgery to remove obstructions or stones.
  • Scar tissue in the bladder or urethra is removed.
  • The urethra is dilated using several procedures.
  • Also, make changes in your lifestyle and start healthy living.

Diseases related to Urinary Bladder

The following are some problems that are related to the urinary bladder

  • Infection of the Urinary Tract

     – Due to an infection in your urinary system, you will suffer discomfort and burning when urinating. Medication can be used to treat UTIs.


  • Overactive Bladder

    Overactive bladder is a condition in which the bladder squeezes pee out when it shouldn’t. In this, you feel a strong want to urinate.


  • Bladder Cancer

    Bladder cancer begins in the bladder’s lining. The presence of malignant cells in the bladder is referred to as bladder cancer.


  • Urinary Incontinence (UI)

Urinary incontinence is the inability to avoid urine leaking due to a lack of bladder control (UI). It’s a rather common affliction.

Tests to diagnose the problem

To determine any disease doctors, need to carry on several tests. These tests help doctors to examine the cause and severity of the disease. The doctors may ask you to have the following test to determine the problem-

  • Pressure flow testing is used to compare the pressure in your bladder to the pace at which your urine.
  • Uroflowmetry is the measurement of urine flow volume and rate.
  • Urinalysis can detect bladder infections, kidney problems, and diabetes in your urine.
  • Imaging tests can provide images of the interior of the body, including the urinary tract and neurological system.
  • Video urodynamic testing involves injecting a contrast fluid into the bladder and imaging the bladder filling and emptying with a catheter.
  • Rectal prostate exams can be used to detect or rule out prostate issues.
  • A chemical imbalance in your body or an issue with your kidneys might be revealed by blood testing.

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Urinary Bladder Diseases

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