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Bladder cancer is a harmful disease and can even result in death. This happens when the bladder cells have abnormal growth happening out of control in the bladder. If not been treated can build into a tumor. It slowly gets spreads near the lymph and various other organs.  In several cases, this tumor can spread in the liver, bones liver.

The fact is there is no specific way to prevent bladder cancer.  Research shows that there are certain risk factors such as gender, age, family history, and race that can play one of the many reasons for bladder cancers causes. These factors cannot be controlled.

Below mentioned are a few tips that bladder cancer specialist recommends people to follow that will help to lower the risk of bladder cancer-

Bladder cancer

Avoid smoking

Smoking is harmful to health. Smoking can be bladder cancer causes and this includes pipes, cigarettes, cigars, or any other type of smoking. You can take help to quit smoking as it is better to avoid it at all causes.

There are various rehab and health center that can guide you through this difficult process.

Exposure more than a certain limit of chemicals in the workplace

In manufacturing industries, there is a use of certain organic chemicals that have a higher risk of acquiring bladder cancer. The workers must consult bladder cancer specialists so that they can get treated on time.

Commonly used materials such as leather, printing materials, paint industries, or rubber manufacturing can cause severe impact, and this might lead to the display of bladder cancer symptoms.

Dyes used in certain hair products can also increase the risk used by hairdressers and barbers. Exposure to such products regularly can cause bladder cancer.

Research shows that regular exposure to Diesel is very harmful. The workplace has the risk of facing bladder cancer symptoms due to regular exposure to such fumes. bladder cancer treatment will ask you to resist such a harmful environment.

Industries must take certain safety precautions for the health protection of the employee and staff.

Consume plenty of water and other liquids

Research shows that regularly drinking water can help you to avoid bladder cancer. Several bladder cancer doctors recommend patients and individuals consume as much as liquid possible to lower the risk of disease.

Have a lot of vegetables and fruits

Studies show that a good diet can prevent you from getting bladder cancer. A routine and healthy lifestyle can protect the bladder.

Researchers and doctors have not found out the cause of bladder cancer. Various methods and healthy lifestyles can help prevent this disease to some extent say bladder cancer doctors.

Study shows that smokers are two to three times more chances of getting bladder cancer than regular individuals. Reducing this amount of risk factor is very essential.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms such as

  • Frequent urination
  • Blood or blood clots in the urine
  • Urge to urinate but fail to pass the urine
  • One side pin in the low side of the body
  • Pain or burning sensation while urinating
  • Blood in the urine

If you face any of the symptoms stated above, we recommend you visit Dr. Dushyant Pawar. He offers top-quality urologist service with the latest equipment and facilities. The staff working with him are extremely skilled and professional. Dr. Dushyant Pawar has 5 years of experience and is highly specialized in andrology, female urology, endourology, laparoscopy surgery, and other kidney-related issues. He was presented with Dr. D.C. Patel Award which is given to capable and talented doctors.

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