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What Can You do to Avoid Urinary Tract Infections?

Urinary tract infection is so common that you may also have experienced the annoying symptoms of it sometime. What makes UTIs really problematic is that they can interfere with the daily activities of life. This is because it is hard for anyone to do any task with efficiency when there is an unusual urgency to Urination very frequently. Also, the itchy feeling after urinating can be a hard thing to deal with, especially when it occurs so often in a day. The plurality of this condition comes from the fact that UTI can be developed in any part of the urinary tract and the symptoms vary, in terms of their severity and nature, on the basis of the part of the tract that is affected. Most often, the infection is located in the bladder but it is also not very uncommon to find that UTI affects other organs such as kidneys, urethra, and ureters.

What is a urinary tract?

The urinary tract is the route containing different organs through which your urine passes. As urine is produced inside the kidneys, it makes them the most important part of this tract. Without kidneys, it is impossible for a person to live unless they are connected to a dialysis machine. Other than kidneys, urine also passes through ureters to the bladder where the urine is stored. From the bladder, the urine flows through the urethra to the external reproductive organ to get expelled out of the body.

Risk factors of UTIs

  • Gender: Due to the short length of the urethra in females in comparison to males, women remain at high risk of contracting the bacteria that cause UTI in the bladder
  • Multiple sex partners: Having sex with many people can increase your chances of UTI
  • Defect in the urinary tract: Anything that causes resistance in the flow of urine can lead to UTI. So people with any issue in the urinary tract are at high risk of this infection
  • Transplantation: People who go through organ transplantation are given immunity-suppressors due to which they remain at risk of all infections including UTIs

Is there a urinary tract infection treatment?

There is no single treatment option for UTIs but they are easily manageable and preventable. The primary aim of UTI management is to stop the risk of it spreading to the other parts of the urinary tract, especially the kidneys. Spreading of UTIs can be dangerous because of the varying symptoms which can be mild for a bladder infection but very severe for a kidney infection.  It is important to take the steps to improve this infection as soon as possible to lower this risk. Apart from your own immune system and antibiotics, certain changes in lifestyle can really help to reduce or eliminate the symptoms and even protect you from even developing any kind of UTIs. These lifestyle changes are easy to make an unconscious part of your life.

What are some preventive measures to avoid the risk of UTI?

Drink enough water to always remain hydrated

Without the intake of the proper amount of water, no other measure of managing UTI works. The more you stay hydrated, the more your body will get rid of pathogens and substances which cause this infection. Many people who suffer from this uncomfortable condition find cranberry juice helpful in remaining hydrated.

Keep your private parts clean

It is a no-brainer that you should clean down your private areas. However, to speak specifically, women should stay more cautious about their personal hygiene. This means:

  • Always washing your private part after urinating
  • Taking showers rather than baths
  • Maintain hygiene during periods
  • Clean immediately after having

Make a habit of peeing after sex

It is medically proven that if you manage to pass out urine from the ladder after sex, your chances of developing UTIs will drop significantly

Wear clothes through which the air can pass

You should wear clothing, especially underwear, which is made from quality material and through which air can pass easily. Compact clothing create an environment for bacteria to grow and can cause UTIs easily. Also, it is important for everyone to not wear damp or wet clothes for too long in order to prevent the infection

Maintain good intimate health

Using water-based lubricants for sexual intercourse has been proved to reduce UTI risk. If you use a lubricant with oil or petroleum as the primary ingredient then the bacteria can congregate and stick to the oil. This will make it harder for you to rinse it off due to the presence of oil. Also, wash your private part with just water and no soap after intercourse.


As it is very clear now that, preventing urinary tract infections just take some easy and healthy measure to follow. However, some people still remain at high risk of UTI and they must consider consulting a good medical professional, especially a urologist. This is because of the fact that you can only take preventive measures by yourself but only a doctor can really evaluate you for the causes of urinary tract infection. It is important for some people to go through this evaluation in order to avoid reoccurring UTIs. Dr. Dyshyant Pawar is an experienced urologist expert and can help you to take effective measures to reduce your UTI symptoms and can even help you to even get rid of this uncomfortable condition.

To know more about Dr. Dushyant Pawar and how he can help you with your UTI, contact us at +91-9978-833-094

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