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kidney stone
Red Blood Cells in Urine
What are Red Blood Cells in Urine? Red blood cells in urine, or hematuria, can be visible to the naked eye (gross hematuria) or only detectable under a microscope (microscopic hematuria). While a small number of RBCs in urine is not always a cause for concern, it can indicate an underlying health condition such as...
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Nephrologist Vs Urologist
Navigating the medical specialties of nephrology and urology can be confusing. This detailed guide breaks down the roles, treatments, and expertise of nephrologists and urologists, providing you with the necessary insights to seek appropriate medical care. Introduction to Nephrology and Urology Role of Nephrologists Nephrologists specialize in kidney health, focusing on diagnosing and treating conditions...
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kidney stone
Kidney stones are mainly hard objects that are created by chemicals in urine. There are in total four types of kidney stones as – calcium oxalate struvite cystine uric acid These stones can be treated with arthroscopy, shockwave lithotripsy, nephron lithotripsy, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. The common symptoms of Kidney stones are blood in your urine,...
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