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BLADDER is a part of the human body that stores and controls the flow of urine. The bladder has a lining of tissues inside it so that it can be stretched for holding urine. Its normal capacity does not exceed 600 ml. Urination takes place by squeezing the muscles of the bladder to open the two valves through which urine gets passed. Bladders also get sometimes stones in them. It can have several symptoms and some causes.


These stones are basically, minerals that come together to form hard chunks on the inner side of the bladder, that are also not in the complete absence of urine. BLADDER STONES have their symptoms because they don’t stay still. Either it creates a hindrance in the flow of urine or agitates the bladder walls.


Below mentioned are some of the symptoms.

  1. Rigorous lower abdominal pain. Men can also experience pain in the penis or the area surrounding the penis.
  2. Difficulty in urinating.
  3. Frequent urination, particularly during night-time.
  4. Color change in urine more precisely dark-colored.
  5. Blood flowing with urine is also one of the symptoms of BLADDER STONES.

Having these symptoms of bladder stones need to be examined immediately. These might not be about bladder stones but need to be checked right away. The examination will include blood and urine tests.

After that, you will go under an x-ray examination. Sometimes X-rays don’t show the real condition of the bladder. That is when CYSTOSCOPY is done.

In cystoscopy, a thin fibreoptic tube having a camera and a light on its one end is passed through the urethra to the bladder. This gives complete imaging of the inner side of the bladder and makes it easy for the urologists to diagnose the condition. The symptoms of bladder stones should not be taken lightly, as it can cause other problems also if the treatment is delayed.


Every condition arises due to some cause or cause. This condition also has some discrete causes.

The main cause which is taken into account for the BLADER STONES is, the bladder being empty incompletely. This leads to the formation of the tones. Because we all know that urine has a waste product called urea, in it. And it is formed by the combination of nitrogen and carbon. It is the chemicals in this urea that combine to form the chunks in the remaining urine, which then is hardened to form the stones.

In males, Prostate Gland Enlargement is also one of the causes of bladder stones. Some men experience the enlargement of the prostate gland which then comes in between the urethra and the bladder causing a hindrance in the urine flow, and if not treated on time leads to bladder stones. 

Damaging of nerves can also be a discussion when comes to the causes of bladder stones. In this condition the nerves that control the bladder get damaged, because of which the bladder is not able to get empty fully. It can happen because of spinal nerve injuries or by a damaged nervous system.


We have bladder stone specialist doctors in the world. These doctors perform the surgeries for the said condition. You can visit your nearby urologist doctor.

For treating these conditions two methods could be used which is the most commonly used method. One, you can just drink a lot of water, so that the small stones can be flushed out of your bladder but that also requires emptying the bladder.

The second and the most common method is SURGERY. Now this surgery can be of different types for different age groups which includes:


This type of bladder stone surgery is most common for treating adults with the said condition. In this surgery, a small but tough tube having a camera at its one end (cystoscope) is passed through the urethra to your bladder, which gives a complete and clear image of the condition inside. Then after locating the bladder stones, either laser or ultrasound waves passed through the cystoscope are used to crush these stones. Then it is easy to flush the little fragments of the stones, with some fluid.

In this procedure, your bladder might get some injury or may get an infection, so you have been prescribed some antibiotics right away.


This procedure is very common for children so that any damage to their urethra can be avoided. It is also carried out in those adults who have larger bladder stones.

Here doctors don’t insert the tube in the bladder, rather they make a small cut on the lower abdomen. And next, they cut the bladder to remove the stones. General anesthesia is used.


This type of surgery is usually carried out in men, who have either large prostate or large stones. It does not have much difference from the percutaneous suprapubic cystolitholapaxy. Just that the cut made on the bladder and the abdomen is much larger.

This type of surgery can also be a combined surgery. For example, if a prostate needs to be removed, it can be done in the same surgery. But, this type of surgery causes more post-surgery pain than the others and also takes more time to get recovered.


These stones can be prevented by taking some measures. Some of which are mentioned below:

  1. You should increase your fluid intake. This helps in lowering the urine concentration.
  2. You should not delay emptying your bladder.
  3. Constipation should be avoided.

The causes of bladder stones should be kept in mind to avoid them. Even if you develop the symptoms of bladder stones, you should get yourself checked immediately because it is a curable disease. So, it will be better to treat it as soon as possible.


In today’s fast life, people compromise their health, the most. To cope with other matters, you neglect your health which then leads to many diseases. BLADDER STONES are also caused by the neglecting behavior of people towards their health. You should maintain your diet and your fluid levels per day. So that such conditions can be avoided. Now if you get some of the symptoms mentioned above, get yourself examined properly without delay. And start the treatment, so that you could keep away from other problems.

Dr. Dushyant Pawar is one of the bladder stone specialists. If you want to fix an appointment you can call on +91 99788 33094

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