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laparoscopic urology treatment
Laparoscopic urologic surgery is a procedure in which a doctor corrects urological disorders without causing the patient undue pain. It is a minimally invasive procedure that employs a laparoscope with an integrated camera and multiple long and thin surgical instruments. It is implanted into the body via minor incisions. Patients benefit from substantially better postoperative...
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reason to see urologist
If you’re having trouble urinating or waking up in the middle of the night to go, you should consult a urologist. Nowadays, the urology problem in men is a very common thing and nothing to be ashamed of. A urologist can also assist you if you are experiencing pelvic pain or have lost your sexual...
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Female urologist
Not just males can see urologists. Women could also require care from this kind of physician. Women do have some female urologic conditions. Treatment for conditions affecting the urinary system is the specialty of urologists. It is a system made up of organs like the kidneys, tubes, and muscles. Urologists treat both male and female...
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Overactive Bladder
As you get older and after having children, women are more prone to experience an overactive bladder (also known as urine frequency). Overactive bladder symptoms can occur in men who have an enlarged prostate. Urinary frequency can also be a side effect of diabetes, certain drugs, and neurological conditions. Bladder Anatomy When full, your bladder...
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UTI overactive bladder
Woman holding her stomach on her bed due to a UTI or hyperactive bladder pain. Urinary tract discomfort is experienced by two-thirds of women. If you fall into this category, you might be unsure whether a urinary tract infection or an overactive bladder is to blame. Strong, frequent urination urges are a feature of overactive...
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urinary tract infections
If you ever had a urinary tract infection, you would know that it is a very painful as well as frustrating issue that can essentially come back again and again if not treated. The anti-biotics given by the doctors clean up the urinary tract infection within a few days. There are simple ways of measures...
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Frequent Urination
Must go constantly? The specialized name for your concern is frequent urination. For most people, the bladder can store urine until it is helpful to go to the toilet, ordinarily four to eight times each day. Expecting to go more than eight times each day or awaken at night to go to the toilet could...
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Enlarged Prostate
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is the augmentation of the prostate organ. About a portion of men over age 75 will encounter side effects of BPH. BPH is a minor condition and isn’t connected with malignant prostate growth. Nonetheless, side effects can cause discomfort and be poorly arranged. It includes a condition of enlarged prostate....
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kidney stone surgery
If the stones are trapped in the ureters or are extremely huge, a doctor may suggest kidney stone removal surgery. The ureters link the kidneys to the bladder. When Does Someone Require Kidney Stone Surgery? Kidney stone surgery will be recommended by a urologist if the kidney stones are: extremely large creating discomfort trapped in...
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Advanced Prostate Cancer
Advanced prostate cancer will be cancer that has spread from the prostate to different pieces of the body. It’s additionally called metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can apply to anybody; however, it most ordinarily spreads to the bones and lymph nodes. Advanced prostate cancer can cause side effects, for example, bone pain and problems urinating....
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